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400 gr fresh lasagne

500 gr passata

1tbsp oil 500 gr water

Small glass white wine 300 gr lean or extra lean mince 1 medium onion some fresh basil (optional) 3 hardboiled eggs 100g cheese (optional - your choice of type)

300 gr mozzarella sliced

250 gr white sauce

Square or rectangular lasagne dish

Start by making the bolognaise sauce. In a deep saucepan place together the chopped onion, the oil, the passata and the water. Bring to a lively boil. Break up the mince with a fork and add to the sauce, add the wine and bring to boil. Let it cook on a medium fire for thirty minutes with lid on but with an outlet for the steam. Stir every now and then and season if necessary. Make sure that the sauce is mediumly dense before you turn off the heat. You don’t want a thick sauce because you need to have enough liquid to soak the lasagna sheet so that it cooks in the oven.

For the white sauce in this case I use one from the packet to shorten the time for the preparation.

In a non-stick lasagna dish spread a little of the tomato sauce and white sauce, then arrange the lasagne one next to the other with little or no overlapping, cover with the Bolognese sauce, add ¼ of the white sauce, top with one egg broken into small pieces, sprinkle with basil and parmesan cheese or any other cheese, 1/3 of the diced mozzarella and some white sauce. Then layer some more lasagne and repeat as before. I advise at least three layers of filling and a final layer covered with red and white sauce and dusted with plenty of grated parmesan and basil. Cover with foil and bake in a preheated oven (200 degrees), for 30 min. Remove the cover and grill for 5 min or until brown. Remove from oven and let it stand for 10 min. before serving. I don’t think on earth there is anything tastier than this!


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