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Easy prawn sauce with ditalini


200 gr king prawns without shells (the frozen ones are ideal) *

1 medium onion

1stalk of celery

Small glass of moscato wine or vermouth

1sachet saffron

A shot of fresh cream

Lemon zest

400 gr cod or monk fish 1 tbsp passata 2tbspolive oil 300 gr water fresh chilli to taste


Chilli to taste

150 gr ditalini rigati or another type of small pasta

Place onion, chilli and celery finely chopped in a shallow pan, add oil and coffee cup of water and sauté gently until glossy and soft. Add wine, let evaporate and add tomato, all the fish and 1 cup of water. It will take few min for the fish to cook on a lively fire. Turn it down, add saffron and cream, do not let it boil again. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. Your sauce is ready. At this point I like to grate some lemon zest on it, but I leave it to personal taste.

Cook the pasta al dente and add to the fish. It should have the appearance of a soup, thus adjust the quantity of liquid.


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