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Roast Chicken

Ingredients Whole chicken (possibly free range) Chicken cube 2 dsp olive oil One big onion 4 medium potatoes Mediterranean spices Some paprika

Wash a whole chicken rub it with salt inside and outside. Smear it with oil, also in the cavity, add Mediterranean spices. Place it on ovenproof dish and put it in the preheated oven at the max temperature, When the chicken is inside lower the temperature to 190. If you like it, you could also spread a broken cube over the chicken and under its skin before placing it in the oven, this is up to your personal choice, but if you do, you should use salt in moderation. Furthermore, for extra crispiness and a stronger flavour, you can use lard instead of oil.

Let it cook for one hour while you do something else, like preparing a side dish. After one hour remove the chicken, cover it with foil and let it stand. With its juice prepare a gravy by adding a shot of red wine and some maize flour diluted in a little water. Check for salt and pepper and serve it along with the chicken. Please, never, never cook meat straight from the fridge, because this will leave you with very dry meat. I take it out at least two hours before cooking.


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